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Our Story

The Fresh Noodle of the Motherland

As a family-owned restaurant, our dream is to create a place that reflects Vietnamese culture and traditions through food. "Fresh" is the cornerstone of our establishment, as our homemade noodles are made fresh every morning from rice flour. These flat noodles are softer in texture, perfectly suited for our savory broth and true to the intended flavors of our motherland. At Fresh Bowl, we're committed to sharing our love for phở and educating others about this iconic dish, one fresh bowl at a time.

An Origin Story

At Fresh Bowl, we believe that everyone's palate is unique and deeply rooted in their childhood memories. Our small community of Phú Hòa Đông, located in the Củ Chi district, serves as the inspiration for the delectable flavors in every dish we serve. We've been influenced by these dishes since our earliest days, and our goal is to bring the rich tastes of our Vietnamese heritage to Austin, Texas. Our food is cooked according to time-honored recipes, imbued with the memories of those far from home, and an opportunity for those unfamiliar to savor the flavors of our native land's most celebrated dishes.

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